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Vortal.com offers a unique approach for webmasters to monetize their catalog of domains. For domains that are otherwise parked, or referring to other domains, our domain name solutions offer a visitor sponsored listings upon landing on your domain. Sponsored listings are contextually matched to the domain name automatically, and grant visitors the opportunity to act on offers that motivated them to find and land upon your domain names.
Are Google and Yahoo wiping out your search marketing budget? Bid4Keywords has the lowest minimum bid in comparison to other higher volume traffic providers and gives you complete control of your search marketing campaign. The Bid4Keywords network delivers traffic that is equivalent to that of major search engines with prime access to over 5 billion search queries a month. Our vast network of select search engines encompassing over 4 million vertically-focused Websites is distinctively designed to deliver billions of queries and ROI at value prices.

Whether you want to build your brand, launch a new product or drive traffic, Bid4Keywords' online advertising programs can deliver the results you're looking for. Advertisers reach demographically relevant audiences on Bid4Keywords' growing family of vertical search sites through keyword-targeted products, banners and other ad units.

All ads are distributed on Bid4Keywords' 180+ vertical search sites, reaching a segmented, demographically focused audience. Our sponsored search products are also distributed on a stable network of top-tier syndication partners including CNET's Search.com, Mamma, Snap.com and more.
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